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Window Designs You Should Know

When you have enough windows on your house, you will save a significant amount of money to be spent on the high costs of lighting and air conditioning. Windows are designed to fit the architectural design of the building. You can use either of the following window designs.

A crank is used to pivot the awning window from the top of the sash when you need to open it out. Awning windows are paired with large picture windows. Ventilation is achieved when awning windows are placed along the sides, at the bottom or top of a picture window. Like the transom windows, these types of windows can be installed above the doors. They are great for places where there are walkways because they will hinder movements or cause accidents of people cannot notice them quickly.

The casement windows open out with the help of side hinges. The casement windows have large-sized window panes to allow enough light and air circulation inside the house.
Enhance the security of your loved ones using egress windows. They provide an escape route when an emergency such as a fire. They are installed at the basement.

The majority of buildings have single-hung and double-hung designs of windows. The upper sash of the double-hung window slides down but the single-hung window has a fixed upper sash. Double-hung windows offer better ventilation because both sashes opened almost halfway. You do not have to climb a ladder to clean the outside of the double-hung windows because cleaning either side can be done from inside the room.

Picture windows do not open therefore you need them only if there is sufficient ventilation for air circulation in and out of the room. There is minimal air leakage when you use picture windows and like operable ones.

Bay windows are used for decoration because they enable architects to create corners and projections on the building.You can open them for ventilation and lighting because they allow light to enter at different angles. Find the best kanata roofing contractor or read more details now!

The sideways of the slider windows are slide opened. There is enough ventilation and light you when you use slider windows.
You can enhance the lighting of the house using glass block windows. Enough light comes into the room through the patterns adorning the glass block windows. Basements, bathrooms and other private areas are installed with glass block windows for privacy.

If you need air conditioning because of the warm weather, you can install jalousie windows. You can open the glass sets in the metal clips like louvers. There are limited views with the jalousie windows but enough ventilation because they are narrow. Continue reading more on this here:

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